Friday, February 9, 2007


I had the pleasure of reviewing two songs by this New York band; "Motion" and "Secretly". Tristame play experimental rock with a style relatively similar too that of A Perfect Circle, the Cranberries, and Tool. They are able to incorporate classical aspects into their guitar driven rock by adding viola player , Alfrida. It really isn't that often that you find a band with a viola player, typically it's the violin that has the mainstage. Tristame are able to add the viola as an integral part of their music adding depth and emotion to their already amazing sound.

In the song "Secretly" the viola does seem to be a little out of place in parts, but still has an impact on the music in a wonderful way. Rami's vocals are hauntingly beautiful especially when combined with the bands minor chord based riffs, and envoke many a feelings within the listener. Rami and Elmer's guitar blend very well, and while combining that with steady drumming, great composition, well-written lyrics, perfect harmonies, and fantastic melodies this song could stand on its own and still recieve a 5 out of 5 stars from myself.

With the song "Secretly" being so good, you would expect it to be hard to find room for improvement, but Tristame do just this with their second song "Motion". Motion has slightly faster tempo, and incorporates many of the same aspects that made "Secretly" so good. Some things that I did notice in this song were that the viola seemed to much more fluid within the song, the vocal harmony is really emphasized here and adds much more depth to the song, and again the lyrics are extremely well-written. "Motion" is my personal favorite out of this song, and only adds more weight on my 5 stars.

In conclusion, Tristame show their power with well-written lyrics, great musical composition, powerful melodies, perfect harmonies, and musical depth. Their music is able to envoke a barrage of emotions in the listener including hope, sadness, and wonderment. Tristame show the power of not having music way over produced. I do highly encourage all readers to check out this band, and let them know that Lawn Gnome Death March sent you

I easily give this band 5 out of 5 stars

Update Feb 16, 2007: I said in this review "Tristame play experimental rock with a style relatively similar too that of A Perfect Circle, the Cranberries, and Tool." By this I do not mean that their 'sound' is similar. Tristame do not 'sound' like Tool, but their 'style' is similar.

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J.L. Bielecki said...

The more i listen to Tristame the more I love their music. God-Damn I love good music.

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