Monday, February 5, 2007

Squirrels From Hell - Foraging Nuts

Squirrels From Hell
Foraging Nuts

First of all these guys are not a bad band. They just are not a real good band. Hailing from New York state Squirrels From Hell produce classic rock style music with horns. Mildly reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen but with better lyrics, Squirrels From Hell never quite hit their mark in Foraging Nuts. It seems like they have quite a bit of potential, and I'm guessing but they probably are much better live. The biggest issue for me in this album was the vocals. Like the album itself the vocals seem to have alot of possible power but in the end the vocals are just kind of flat. This makes much of the album run together in my mind. This is not an entirely bad thing though. The music remains unobtrusive while still rocking. Its the kind of thing you can listen to while having a few drinks and still carry on a conversation. Overall Squirrels From Hell have a familiar sound without sounding too generic. Although I am on giving this album 3 out of 5 stars, I am planning on checking out their other albums: "Nutcracker Suite", "The Sound And The Furry", and "Hades And Gentlemen!". And maybe in a future release they will live up to their potential and capture the awesome sound that they are after.

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