Sunday, February 4, 2007

Jeremy Francis

Hailing from the city of the Maple Leafs and home of my favorite television station, the CBC, Torontonian, Jeremy Francis play reggae influenced, acoustic rock infused with the awesome hippie message, LOVE. But this isn't your dad's crap hippie music made by musician who have now lost touch with their original messages; this is great modern music. Though, it may be mean but I really don't expect him to make it 'big' anytime soon, but in this case with Jeremy's music I think that this is a very good thing, after you check out the music I'm sure you'll agree.

Jeremy Francis provides you with five great songs where composition and lyrics truly do meld together without any audible fuck-ups. This is truly relaxing music, not John Tesh or Yanni chill, but chill in that whole rockin' Coldplay style. In fact in some of the songs he actually sounds similar to Chris Martin from Coldplay. Every song he has is absolutely fantastic. Their are two versions of the song "Stand Up"; the original and the dub version, both fantastically done. Both versions of "Stand Up" are my personal least favorites by him. There is also "Weeping Willows" which combines Jeremy's acoustic with the bongo drums. The drumming, singing, guitar, and lyrics blend beautifully in this song. This is one song in particular where you should be able the Chris Martin comparison. On his site he provides the song and the video for his song "I'm Love", this is the song is definately one of my favorites of his. Everything seems to just come together in this song, the guitar the vocals and the lyrics. Who ever produced this song and/or mixed it did a fantastic job of not over-producing it. I also want to provide you with the video for this song.

And now for my personal favorite song by Mr. Jeremy Francis a song called "Tree Tops". He provides this on his site as video (which I will post after this lil' section). Outside of the dub-version of "Stand Up" this is his most upbeat song. The melody in this song just flows so damn well, and his vocals carry the lyrics beautifully. I really really love this song.

I believe that I could safely recommend this artist to fans of Ben Harper, Nick Drake, Jack Johnson, Bob Marley, Ben Folds Five, and especially Coldplay. Actually, anyone who simply likes music that combines melody, lyrics, vocals, and composition into a beautiful work of art should like this music.

I will definately give Jeremy Francis a 5 out of 5 stars


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