Monday, February 5, 2007

Hooray for Everything

Sometimes its hard to find a good Australian band that makes funny music. But I have found one. The band is called Hooray for Everything. They are awesome. And they are Australian and they are funny.
But sadly they hate America. If you listen closely like I did you will notice certain a amount of anti-american sentiment in their ironically titled song "America". I tried looking past there ignorant hate for the homeland and continued to listen. Next up was Fat Kids. Its a funny song but sadly not funny enough to get past the fact that it is also totally annoying. I recommend the song "Internet Girl" to anyone who has been on myspace or has even talked to a "girl" on the Internet. Which basically means everyone should listen to it. Lastly there was "LORT NUDE!!" This song was amusing, but do we seriously need another "funny" band singing about file sharing.
The answer is no. Just in case you where wondering.
My recommendation is to listen to "Internet Girl" and download "America" Play "America" when ever you for get how much you hate people who hate America. You can listen and download their song at
My rating overall is a 3 out of 5.
But "America" gets a 5 out of 5.
Because America is always #1 bitch!

Update 2/15/7
Sadly, this post has been misunderstood by most people reading it. That is my fault. Being an American I am quite poorly educated. This make communicating with others difficult.
First of all I liked the song America. It was kinda good.
Second, my use of the word ironic was correct. If you check the word "irony" in the American Heritage Dictionary and look at definition 2a: Incongruity between what might be expected and what actually occurs.
That means that the song AMERICA does have an ironic character. This may be a cultural difference. So let me explain. An average American would assume a song titled "America" would be a patriotic song. But the song from horray for everything, is not patriotic. It is an anti-american song.


Anonymous said...

It is so so so sad that you don't get why this song is funny. Step down from your high horse and try to laugh at yourself - it makes life so much sweeter when you are able to do that!

J.L. Bielecki said...

In the post that Hooray for Everything posted on their site regarding this review they use the words ironic and irony as if we here don't know what this means. What you don't seem to get is sarcasm. The real irony is your inability to understand sarcasm especially since you were directed to our site by a comedic band's post. Now really how dumb can one person be.

And for your information we laughed our asses off when we heard their music, because not only was it very good but also hilarious. "Internet Girl" is one of the funniest songs I've heard in a long time.

Jason Rigden said...

Jake, would if it is you who can not recognize sarcasm?

Anonymous said...

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