Monday, February 5, 2007

Brad Sucks-I Don't Know What I'm Doing

Brad Sucks
I Don't Know what I'm Doing

Brad Sucks does not suck and he defiantly seems to know what he is doing. According to Magnatune, this is there best selling artist. And according to me he is just brilliant. Coming from Ontario, Canada this one man band combines Lo-Fi vocals and great guitar work to make this a rocking album. He kind of reminds me of serious and coherent version of Beck, only with less production. Don't believe me just listen to "Never Get Out." "Borderline" I'm my opinion was the stand out song. A mellow rocking tune with a nice lyrical flow. Which stand out in sharp but enjoyable contrast with "Overreacting" A slow soft existential lament. My only real problem with the album is the fact the the vocals often feel quiet monotone.

I'm giving I Don't Know What I'm Doing by Brad Sucks 4 out of Five Stars. You should defiantly check him out.
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