Sunday, January 14, 2007

So You Want A Review or To Be Played On LGDM?

So here are the rules; more or less a set of guidelines.

If you would like to be reviewed and possibly played:

Send me, Jake, an email at In the email include your bands name, email to reach you, and website or sites. Please have at least four songs available for download, or at least have the full songs available for listen. Actually even better, send them as attachments to the email. Please send at least four so that a real review can actually be done. If I decided to review your band I will use your bands websites as a means of information. And I will use your bands logo, and/or a band pic. for the review. You can also send the logo or a good pic in the email also. We, at LGDM, will rate your band on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, 1 being the worst and 5, obviously, the best. When the review is done we will email you with a link to the review, and if we really like your band or at least one of your songs we will ask permission to play it on our Lawn Gnome Death March Podcast. To by-pass this whole step in your email let us know if you'd like to be considered for play on the podcast; this will save some time on emailing each other.

We will give our honest opinion of your music, so be prepared for a good or bad review. We aren't here to boast or destroy anyone's ego, we are here to give our honest opinion on your music. Sometimes we like a band; sometimes we don't. So if your so fragile that hearing your bands sucks from some dude who works at a supermarket destroys you, don't fucking bother submitting your music.

Of course, we would love to just have a hard copy of your album whether it be vinyl or CD. It's so much better to have the whole fucking thing to do a review on as opposed to just four or five songs. If you would like to send us your album through snail mail email myself and I will give you our mailing address


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