Tuesday, September 5, 2006


Drunksouls - Reggae from France?

I found these guys on Jamendo, where I downloaded their whole creative commons licensed cd, "On Verra Plus Tard" (in English: one will see later) for free. The title of the cd should you a clue that they aren't from the States or Canada, but from France.

Drunksouls are a reggae/punk band from France with some really good music. Yes people France has more to offer than just croissants, wine, and cuisine. They have reggae, and good raggae at that. There songs are almost a perfect combination of the Police, Bob Marley, and the Specials, but way better because Sting isn't their vocalist, they never recorded a shitty song called 'Roxanne', the lead singer isn't dead, and their fucking ALBUM IS FREE!!!!!!!!!! My personal favorite songs are 'No More Fighting' and 'Promenons Nous Dans Les Bois' (in English: Let us take a walk in the woods). Do I understand everything they are saying? No, but some of their songs are in English. But if your bilingual in French and English, you'll be able to go to there site and understand it because the English version isn't working.

You need to check out this band, and especially if you like reggae.

I give the album 4 1/2 stars out of 5


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