Saturday, September 9, 2006

Betsy Spivak: The Scratch On My Vinyl Soul

Though I say this about every female vocalist band I review I must say it again; in general, I am not a fan of the female vocalist. But occasionally someone will come through and catch my ear, and Betsy Spivak is one of those people. If you'd like to find a female fronted band/group look no further, Betsy Spivak is your girl.

Betsy's humor, good lyrics, and strong music ability provides the listener with music that evokes a smile (ie 'La Grenouille'). Tori Amos only gives frowns, how sad. The songs are upbeat and 'happy' sounding, which is quite nice for a change. Though her songs may not be as 'poetic' as Tori Amos she is still a great lyricist. Betsy is kind of a female Morrissey as you'll hear with her true tongue-in-cheek style lyrics (ie 'Hot Dog Breath', and 'Trailer Trash'). She is more in the school of Smiths style lyric writing, as opposed, to Tori who seems to be more of a Cure style lyricist. And though I adore both these bands the Smiths are much better in my opinion. So I guess, I have to say that Betsy is better than Tori. Which, I think most people would say that this is saying a lot, and they'd be right.

Her CD "The Scratch On My Vinyl Soul" is a solid pop album which I'm sure will be a welcome addition to any cd collection (it has mine), and I urge you to buy it, now. If you have any questions about her music, or you just plain like it a lot email her and let her know, and let her know Lawn Gnome Death March sent you.

I give this album 4 out of 5 stars


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