Sunday, August 6, 2006

The Pubcrawlers

Our player is always playing random songs varying in quality (shit..good...fantastic). So after ten to twenty shit songs a song called "the Last Saskatchewan Pirate" played; I was instantly elated, quality at last. When I realized that I had five other songs by the same band of course I checked them out also. I was overjoyed. It's always great when you discover a band that you've never heard before, and especially when they're really, really good. The Pubcrawlers are just that, and are now being played constantly in my apartment, especially when drinking is occuring which is often.The Pubcrawlers are a Celtic influenced punk-band who have definitely similarities with the Dropkick Murphy's, The Pogue's, The Real McKenzie's, Flogging Molly, and The Business. From what I've noticed most people either hate Celtic-Punk or they absolutely love it; I happen to be one of the latter. To me Celtic-Punk is symbolic of the working class, class struggle, and of course having a good time. This symbolism is prevalent in the Pubcrawlers music. They're able to write songs that each have a different feel to them, which I appreciate. If you like the Dropkick Murphy's, the Real McKenzie's, Flogging Molly, the Business, and the Pogue's you will love the Pubcrawlers; but although you can throw them in the Celtic-Punk genre you will find that this band actually has their own sound. This is a band I wish would play in the Seattle area; Shit, if I had a bigger apartment I put them up for a night or two. God-damn, they've played in the UK in the Holidays in the Sun Festival with the greats and legends of punk, but they can't get out here to play a show. A message to Northwest venues GIVE THESE GUYS A SHOW OUT HERE!!!!!!!!!!! This is a band worthy of having me wear their t-shirt, shit this is a band that deserves everybody wearing their t-shirts, in fact I'm gonna order one with my next check. We need more bands like this, bands that play great fucking music, bands with an ounce of originality, bands that perfectly accentuate a pint of Guinness, bands that deserve to have their t-shirt worn.

Note to Band: Play a show in Seattle....PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! A definate 5 out of 5 Stars


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