Saturday, August 12, 2006

The First Punic War: Unicorn EP

The First Punic War: Unicorn EP

The First Punic War is not only first of three battles fought between Carthage and Rome, but a band. And just like these wars, the band rides huge fucking elephants into battle. If this band had led Carthage instead of Hannibal maybe the Roman Empire would have never existed and Africa would be the center of the modern world as opposed to Europe.

The First Punic War
is the vision of performer J. Warden who started the band in 1998, and has recorded five albums since; Unicorn is the one I am going to review.

Though only an EP, Unicorn (released on failURE RecOrds), has 3 highly unique, modern, fast-paced, and even slightly primative songs. "Unicorn" has pace filled-in with reckless abandon; "Simon the Sailor" kind of scares me; and "Punk Rock" is an hardcore electronic gem. This music could and will be legendary, and I highly expect this music to become a cult phenomenon, among true music afficinados; kind of like Weezers "Pinkerton" to the emo-kids.

I honestly cannot think of another band who really compares to them; Akimbo, the Bronx, Ninety Pound-Wuss come to mind but, this is a true indie treasure, those other bands, though good, can't compare. You should really take a listen to this disk, or better yet buy it. This is real balls-out music, with no apologies, and no remorse. It's about fucking time.

I'm going to do something I said I'd never do on reviews, I'm giving the Unicorn EP a:
6 out of 5 stars


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