Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Eagles of Death Metal Free Live CD

Eagles of Death Metal may be the best band of all time. They certainly are the best band making music today. Nobody rocks harder. Warning this music will cause SROS (Sudden Rock Out Syndrom). Not only does this band rock at least as twice as hard the devil, they are fuckin smart too. They have released thier live album for free download on there site EofDM. Download it NOW!!! And tell your friends too!

Eagles of Death Metal: Live at Slims

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The Eagles of Death Metal: Josh, Tim, and Jesse

  1. IntroSize:567KB
  2. Bad Dream MamaSize:2.82MB
  3. Kiss the Devil (Who Will?)Size:2.45MB
  4. So EasySize:3.50MB
  5. Wastin' My TimeSize:2.88MB
  6. English GirlSize:2.64MB
  7. Already DiedSize:2.79MB
  8. Stuck in the Metal With YouSize:3.24MB
  9. Miss Reprezentin' (Miss Alissa)Size:1.95MB
  10. Whorehoppin' (Shit Goddamn, I'm a Man?)Size:3.62MB
  11. Speaking in TonguesSize:3.24MB
  12. I Only Want YouSize:2.95MB


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